Collingswood hall of fame 5k 4/23/16

13043604_10157160955430221_3679802577720080336_n-1today I had a few choices in 13095838_10157160956065221_1416268263596558368_n-1races to decide, I chose this one because, one I never ran this course and it was new, and two it was close to home and I just got off of work from 11pm it was close to drive.after work I went home change ate a banana and headed to the race, i got there at 8am picked up my bib and headed for my mile warm up.I looked around and notice it look like a lot of locals were running this race. I saw  my running friend Liz and her friend Chris there so didn’t feel to alone. well we all headed to the starting line I felt little nervous as usual, this will be my last race till broad street. I was thinking good time maybe sub 20 or 19. the gun went off and we were off running I put my self in relax mode, I saw to young kids darted out of the blocks. believe me they were hard too catch up too. by making our first turn I passed my good friend Liz, who I know runs well and fast so I knew she would be behind me though out the race, she was gunning for sub 20 time, so I knew I was in for a heck of a race. as I hit mile 1 my split was 6:22 good relaxed  pace for me, I was eying on the 2 kids ahead of me I didn’t want too speed up yet so stayed behind them till I made my move coming on too mile 2 my split was 6:34. then notice the first place boy was keep looking back I was toe to toe with the second place kid every time I catch up he would speed up. after we pass mile 2 I finally passed the 2nd place boy all that was in front of me was the 1st place kid. as I caught up too him I made my move and passed him, I kept my pace by the time I hit mile 3 split  was 6:22 and I put everything in speed, I wasn’t sure where Liz was but I had a feeling she was close and so were the 2 kids coming to the final turn I raced to the finish line. I crossed the line at 19:28. my legs were tired, I looked back and saw the 2 kids finishing close and Liz finished right behind them, couple minutes later Chris finished the race.

recap, the race was great the 2 kids were tough to catch, Liz did awesome she finally hit her goal 19:50 ,Chris ran a great time too, me and Liz got top honors for 1st place overall male and females. Overall I was pleased with the race.screen-shot-2016-04-23-at-8-54-17-pm0423161006a


Domanic decarlo 5k.. 04/17/2016

Today I decided to enter this race ,i never planed on running it,i was nice weather,and this was right after work so I felt a little tired.I never races this course this will be new to me.

Well I got there and signed up, did a mile warm up.I saw a few familiar faces.

The race started at 9am. Beg for you k,owit the gun goes off.I started little slower than usually, I was 4th place though out the race. I kept my pace and I hit my first mile at 6:22. I was behind the 3 rd and second place for lost of the race as I hit mile 2 at 6:38 my legs started feeling tired but I managed to Stay with the 2 young teens. Jim sery who is a great runner for his age was clearly in 1st and wa son his way to win the race. By mile 3 I was at 6:22 with half mile left I passed up the 2 kids and headed for the finish line. About 10 yards one of the kids caught up to me and we were battling it out for second place. He managed to edge me out and I ended up 3rd overall at 19:38. I was pleased with my time and ran pretty good.

0417161013 0417161025a_HDR


The 2016 adrenaline 5k

Well what can I say about this race.

All the best runners are here today for one of the fastes and popular 5k in south jersey. I go into this race with one thing only to PR.last year I was disappointed in my time 20:31. I expected to run a faster time but I didn’ this year my goal was to crush this time. As I got there the weather was cold but not insane freezing. I got there an strted warming up, I warmed up much longer than most of my races I wanted my legs warm,and very loose. I talked to a few good friend of mine befor the races started ,some new faces were at the race.Kathleen,Griffen and Brittany, all good friends of mine and of course saw the same faces who were ready to compete.

0319160851b_HDR 0322161752aas I got to the starting line I was ready ,befor you know it the gun went off and the race was I started I paced my self well I felt warm and loose befor I hit the first mile, it was 6:02 and I was going out little to fast but I maintain my speed,going down the hill we were making our second turn, we past the water station. I was still feeling good and strong,when I came up to second mile I hit 12:10 and started heading up a steep road. My legs started getting little heavy so I knew I went out to fast. Finaly make last turn and heading own the final streatch I was giving everything I had. I saw the finish line and the clock so pushed forward and hit the finish line at 19:12. Way better than last year.0319161934_HDR-1I was tired but felt real good.minutes later I saw my good friend Brittany cross the line at 20:30,wow she crushed her old Pr which was 21:21 to 20:30 0321160817_HDR-1.I was  so proud of her,and to all my friends that ran today. What a great day to run.can’t wait till next year.


Cupid chase 5k race

untitled-1Well last year I ran this race,came in 2nd.20:51

This year I was looking forward to it , but the weather was brutal and windy,ot was 20 degrees out but the wind made it feel 10 degrees.

Well got there at 930, warmed up the race started at 10am. As I started out I was moving from 3 to 1st.I took the lead and held  on to it . but coming around Cooper river the wind was hitting us runners real bad I looked at my watch and my 1st mile pace was 6:43 it seemed for ever heading to second mile I was fighting through the wind my legs started getting heavy my 2nd mile pace was 7:00 pace , and top it off my shoe came undone, omg I thought I was gonna get passed , but it didn’t happen, when I started running again my legs got more tired took a lot out of me too get back in the race . coming down the stretch I saw the finish line I crossed the line at 21:55 I was glad it was over but it was my first victory 5k in south jersey.I was happy but not with my time.well I just chalked this up as a good run and move on.





My 2015 review

1104141859c11845151_1024992174212151_393883207741310484_oliz-chris-and-i11129917_947811228572311_7624227949463574512_oimg_p8375aWell I have to say I had a great year, I did my first half marathon, broad street run, and ADRENALINE RUN 5k. My time improved. I ran over the winter put lots of miles in, And it payed 1st 5k win came in my hometown of TUCSON Az. Meeting new friends while running was the best part, hollie,Marc, Tim pagano,Dave welsh,bruce,carrie,victoria,Liz,amy,kerry,Brittany and Lisa gordon and so many others.

I’m looking forward to a new year and hopefully injure free.

Happy running to everyone.


My first 5k richard river 5k 5/7/2014

Well this is my very first blog so let see how it goes

I haven’t ran since 1989 in high school, I saw an flyer for the 5k event and decided to run it. I had month to get ready. Well I ran all through April ,started with 2 miles and worked up too 5 miles.

Well it was race day, was I nervous yes, i didnt know how to run this 5k so I decided to just go with the flow

  1. The race was at Cooper river where  do trained so I use it as my home course. I got there and signed up ,i was nervous and it was a good crowd,the weather was great. Befor I knew it the gun goes I started I have no watch or anything I never used one my rookies season. As I was running I felt great,just competing with other runners,coming of my 1st mile I felt good going into my second mile as I was approaching mid way through second I started feeling tired what I notice is I passed 5 runners and no passed me at all coming tword the end of the race I pushed my self across the finished time was 21:41 12th  overall 2nd in my age group.0321140909

Overall I felt great had a great time . I enjoyed the 5k events. As my rookie season started and my traning begins I’m looking forward to a great season